In a perfect world of high brix foods, we could get along without supplements. However, the deficiencies in our foods are so great that some supplementation is necessary. This necessity makes RBTI so important because you can be certain about what supplements you need and perhaps most importantly, which ones you don't need which if taken might not be good for you.

CMC - Colloidal Mineral Compounds
The Finest & Most Carefully Produced MinCol On The Planet!
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CMC is made from the same raw material other "Mincols" are made from. This raw material source is known as Calphos and is the soft rock phosphate mined in Florida by Canton Mills. The differences, however, between CMC & other Mincols is like night and day. Note the lightness in color of CMC (middle) compared with another water separated Mincol (left) and a dry sifted Mincol (right). The lightness of the color is brought about because all the dirt and hard rock phosphate have been completely washed off of the colloids. This takes a lot of extra labor and the pureness of distilled water to achieve:

Lightness of color isn't the only characteristic of CMC that sets it apart because it has been completely cleaned up. Its ability to stay in suspension like colloids are supposed to do is evident by a settling experiment of one Mincol product against another Mincol product. Below are 2 products compared: A dry sifted Mincol (on the left) and CMC (on the right). Both products were separately heated up to a boil in distilled water to cause as much loosening of the compressed colloids as was possible followed by blasting them in the hot water in a Blendtec at 28,000 RPM for 7 minutes each. The purpose was to bring about as much suspension as possible. The results listed below are telling:

Settlement after 10 hours

Settlement after 430 DAYS
and holding!

As you can see, the CMC settled roughly 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the water line. It never went further but just stopped there. But the dry sifted Mincol simply sank. After an hour, it had sunk nearly half way down. After 10 hours, it was 3/5ths of the way settled. I saw what I needed to see. The CMC, however, just stayed where it was and remains there 430 days later! Why the difference? Again, the processing methods of both separating the P2O5 from the P2O2 along with any other clays or dirt that are covering the colloids makes it possible for the colloids to reveal their true characteristic of not being influenced by gravity. CMC is truly colloidal all the way through.

  • CMC is processed with distilled water so that no other substances become a part of it.
  • CMC is processed using fine filters to remove particles settling alone does not remove.
  • CMC is processed using specialized equipment to separate the compressed colloids.

CMC is the Min-Col* (mineral colloids) referenced on page 117 of the book
Choose Life Or Death. According to Dr. Reams:

  • Each molecule of Min-ColTM* (CMC) is a complete little solar system within itself.
  • It goes directly into our system without any physical change whatsoever.
  • Is already pre-digested and is 100% available to the human body ...
  • It's for teeth, bones, fingernails ...
  • Is an excellent thing when there's cancer of the bone ...
  • Is the essence that forms the very bone cell ...
  • Is ... rich in manganese ... in phosphate form.
  • Will correct 80% of potassium deficiencies.

*The term Min-Col is the original name used by Dr. Reams in describing the original product he made using a water separation method similar to what is used in the making of CMC. Years later Daily Manufacturing trademarked the name Min-Col for its dry sifted version of the product. Therefore, when we quote the term Min-Col, we do so because this is the exact wording used by the author(s) in the texts quoted. It is always important to note that Daily Manufacturing has trademarked the name Min-Col for commercial purposes.


  • There is one product thatís been on the market about 40 years; itís called Min-Col. It is the only colloidal mineral sold on the market that I know of.

  • In a whole ton of bone meal thereís only 60 lbs. We have never learned to get out but about 3 lbs. at the most, out of a whole ton of bone meal.

  • Any time you have bone cancer, use Min-Col like itís going out of style. Use 2 BID during pregnancy and lactation period. Min-Col will make the fillings come out, and then have them filled again; and after 2 or 3 times, the teeth will grow out.

  • When a baby is about 2 months old, start that baby on 1/2 Min-Col capsule a day in its food. Keep that up until the child is 4 years old.

  • Iíve seen teeth grow out normal, providing the nerve wasnít damaged or diseased. Teeth that are saw edged or glassy, it is a Min-Col deficiency. Cavities, a Min-Col deficiency.

  • Itís for teeth, bones, fingernails. 1/2 capsule a day until the child is 4 years old. At 4 we recommend 1 a day for 96 years, for a boy. A girl, when she comes into puberty, 2 a day, and when they become pregnant and lactation period. This mineral that comes from bone meal is a colloidal compound.

  • Each molecule of Min-Col is a complete little solar system within itself. An excellent thing when thereí s cancer of the bone, or deterioration of the cancer of the bone, for at least a year or more.

  • A person with a fracture, I give 2 TID to some people, but 2 BID will generally supply the amount.

  • Itís very few of these minerals we recommend, except Min-Col, that actually goes directly into our system. Min-Col can go into your system without any physical change whatsoever. It can go in just as you take it without any physical change.

  • Take your Min-Col tablets and it will stiffen your toenails until they will not be ingrown anymore. Itís because theyíre too soft. This is what causes them to bend and grow inward.

  • It is a substance taken from digestive bone meal and out of the digestive bone meal. It has to be floated out; and then it has to be dehydrated and then made in capsule form. This is the essence that forms the very bone cell, not any other inert products in it. And people that have cavities in their teeth often complain about their fillings falling out because it starts to grow out. Your teeth should grow out like your fingernails do - not quite as rapidly - but they should grow and they will, if you give them the right substances. I do not know of one that will do what Min-Col will.

  • Min-Col is another source rich in manganese, and thatís in phosphate form.

  • Also Min-Col is a great thing to take whenever you have a bowel problem, any bowel deterioration.

  • Min-Col is already pre-digested. Itís immediately available, 100% of it, to the human body regardless of the gastric juices, weak or strong or dilute. Thatís why the older and weaker, or the lower the reserve energy, the more we stress the giving of Algavim and Min-Col. If anything in the world will supply the mineral nutrient, it will.

  • Phosphate of potassium: Best source, Min-Col. Correct 80% of potassium deficiencies.

  • Helps nature restore deficiencies at the time pregnancy begins.

  • We pick up chromium from two sources. One is from the air and the other from Min-Col.

  • The calcium loss causing rapid decay in teeth because they donít have enough phosphate of calcium, and the only place you can get it is from Min-Col. Thereís no other supplement on the market today, that is purified and clean, that really will work. Been on the market since 1934. 2 or 3 twice a day, maximum; any more wouldnít do any good.

  • Dr. Carey Reams, Alphabetical Reference Manual, Pages 80 & 81.

  • Most of the mineral thatís taken into our body, except nitrogen and proteins, comes into our bodies and is assimilated in phosphate form. Phosphate of iron, phosphate of carbon, manganese, and etc. Itís all in phosphate form. Phosphate is the catalyst that forms the chelated energy that becomes you or me or matter. Without it, it cannot form.

  • Dr. Carey Reams, Alphabetical Reference Manual, Page 99.

CMC is not a substitute for regular medical & dental health maintenance. It is for nutritional support only. Please read our complete disclaimer below. Thank you!


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