By The Month 'UNLIMITED **' Consulting
Single Person
Initial Consult - $199.99 *

Follow Up Consult - $99.99 *

One Year 'UNLIMITED **' Consulting
Single Person
Per Year - $899.99 *

Add Spouse - $399.99 *

Lifetime 'UNLIMITED **' Consulting
Single Person - $1299.99 *

Add Spouse - $399.99 *

RBTI Testing Kit Recommended by Michael Olszta
RBTI Testing Equipment - $529.99*

  • Kit can only ship to lower 48 States of America
  • No International Shipment Available
  • Kit is described at the following Link:
    Test Equipment

Description of Services & Products

Note: UNLIMITED CONSULTING** includes everything below with no limits as to how many tests are sent in, emails, phone calls, etc.

Initial Consult

  • Includes analysis of as many RBTI Test results per consult as you wish to send. I encourage more than one set of numbers IF the Client is willing to provide them as it makes the advice provided so much more accurate.

  • A complete client profile work up based on personal questionnaire including sclera eye numbers at no extra charge. The sclera numbers confirm whether or not nature is cooperating and are an integral part of an RBTI consult.

  • Close attention is paid to the client's environment, work habits, recreational lifestyle. This information + RBTI test #s are obtained to help the Consultant provide the best dietary & overall lifestyle protocol for the individual client.

Follow Up Consult

  • The $99.99 covers one month's worth of follow up numbers analyses.
  • Client will test him or herself several times per week and save results.
  • At the end of the week, client emails his/her test results to consultant.
  • Or, test results may be sent in as they are obtained by the client.
  • Consultant analyses all test results and emails follow up suggestions to client.
  • The above process continues until reserve energy is built back up in client.
  • Energy restoration times differ for each client depending on various factors.
  • During initial consult, energy restoration time estimate is provided for client.
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