Lifetime Membership Includes:
  • Set of 10 Highly Detailed Instructional Testing Videos! Preview Here!
  • The RBTI Instruction Folder Including All Future Updates! See Below!
  • Lifetime RBTI Consulting For Purchaser. No More Consulting Fees, Ever!
  • Opportunites for RBTI Consultant, Technician, Practitioner Certification!*
  • Case Studies, Special Studies, Special Q&A Mailings, Updated Research!
  • All Future Editions, All New RBTI Research, etc. Sent Out Automatically.

*Examination Fees Apply

Single Person - $1,499.99 **
For Couples - $1,899.99 **

Add Spouse - $500.00 **

With Membership:
  • Unlimited RBTI Consulting
  • Testing Instructional Videos
  • 1 Bottle CMC* Capsules! *
  • Study Manual + Future Updates
  • FREE! 30 Lesson Video Series*


*Items may differ slightly from pictures

RBTI Testing Equipment - LOWER 48 US STATES ONLY
  • VeeGee Btx-1 Refractometer
  • UpH-3 Kit Carey Reams Urine/Saliva (FULL KIT)
  • Includes Testing Instructional Videos ($75 Value)
  • AND MORE... Click >> HERE << for Details
$529.99 **
All Course Materials Available - US ORDERS
  • Portable Hard Drive With All Course Materials
  • Available Only To Lifetime Members
  • Shipping and Handling at
$110.00 **
All Course Materials Available - INTERNATIONAL ORDERS *
  • Portable Hard Drive With All Course Materials
  • Available Only To Lifetime Members
  • Additional Taxes and Fees Apply
$140.00 **
Course Material - What's Included:
Unlimited RBTI Consulting:

Provided as a lifetime benefit for both Specials. YOU may send in testing results as often as desired. And I will go over them and make any needed suggested changes or updates to the personal program we established from the start. We want you to experience the value of the RBTI Program which will confirm the value of the program in your own life as well as prepare you more fully to help your family and others if you choose to do so.

Description of service is found at 'Online Consulting Page'.

Urine-Saliva Testing Videos:

- There are a total of 10 videos.

Preview a sample video >> HERE <<

Study Manual PLUS Future Updates:

Includes the RBTI Manual Text which contains 1,520 total pages, 1,240 pages of Lessons, 245 pages of Student Questions & Answers covering 200 + Questions, & another 55 pages of other Supporting Documents (listing found toward the end of this webpage). Above and beyond this, any and all updated information will be sent out to you no matter how long or how short until such time that you say STOP! The ultimate goal is the collation of all RBTI documents and the assembling of that information into a continued logical & orderly presentation of the material. Hence, we will be sending out updates for a long time to come. We think it only right for Lifetime Members to only have to pay once and to be assured of a continual flow of information.*

A listing of the the text package & all the benefits included can be found >> HERE <<

* Nominal Fees for Certification Testing Apply

30 Lesson Video Series:

People who prefer to study RBTI for themselves and who may only desire counseling by the month should choose this option. The Life Time Member receives this series as part of the Life Time purchase. The value of this information should not be underestimated and there could come a day when obtaining such teaching becomes price prohibitive. Even if you never watch any of the videos or read any of the documents associated with this series, the power of truth you will have in your possession to reveal to others the healing power along with how this healing power works which God has provided us the knowledge and wisdom to understand is absolutely priceless and would be a most valuable item for you to own.

RBTI Video Instruction Lessons Can Be Found >> HERE <<


Please consider a Life Time Membership to provide for yourself the RBTI Coaching and Instruction. This knowledge is truly special. Thank you for your support.

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