Dr. Carey Allen Reams

1910 - 1985


Daily Manufacturing 's Letter To Its Customers Concerning
Dr. Reams Passing & His Last Wishes.

Excerpts Showing Specific Last Wishes:

Carey A. Reams passed away on August 5, 1985. Before he died he expressed the following desire for the continuation of R.B.T.I.

  • He said that he wished J.W. Daily and Daily Manufacturing Inc. to maintain the rights to, and to continue to manufacture the formulations of the minerals that he had developed for the Reams Biological Theory of lonization program. These minerals are known as, Min Col, Algazim, Cal II, Cal-Gluconate, Cal-Lactate, K-Min, ColonAid, Spectra-Scorb, Lime Water, Ferro-Tonic, Activated B6, TriMin, Extra-A, Mouthwash, Eyewash, and Fern-Vita.

  • He expressed his desire for all of his students to continue teaching, learning, and developing the R.B.T.I. system.

  • He made special mention of Dr. Joseph Manthei, Dr. Alexander Beddoe, and Dr. Dan Skow as having been outstanding students and teachers of R.B.T.I.

  • He expressed his love and appreciation for them as well as for all of his students and associates, stating that it was his last wish that they all work together in peace and harmony, one with another for the promotion of health and nutrition.
Below is a Scan of the Entire Original Letter:

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