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Michael Sigurd Olszta / RBTI Consultant & Instructor
Business Cell: 603 / 930-1683
Home Office: 603 / 622-4701

  • Born in 1958. Married to Deborah. They have 2 daughters, Angela & Jessica

  • Veteran of the United States Army - Specialty: Chemical Staff Specialist

  • Began practicing RBTI in the summer of 1984 after a personal health crisis.

  • Wife Deborah spent three weeks getting "tuned up" at Dr. Reams' retreat in PA.

  • Michael studied RBTI under Dr. Manthei in 1985; Dr. Reams also taught at seminars.

  • Spent 21 years in private RBTI consulting before starting to teach in 2006

  • Is highly skilled in the application of RBTI practical application for humans.

  • Is highly knowledgeable about the underlying theoretical principles of RBTI.

  • Michael is both ready and qualified to meet your personal RBTI needs.

  • Michael practices & teaches RBTI as a way of life, not a quick fix routine.

  • If you want to learn how to regain your health AND maintain your health,

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