The testimonials below are from emails sent in by satisfied clients and class members. Your own experiences may vary. At no time shall any statement below be construed to mean that the RBTI and/or REAMS Diet is in any manner used to prevent, diagnose, treat, or mitigate in the treatment of any disease or medical condition.

1) I love the class, and will continue to learn from it and use it the rest of my life!! and pass down to my kids whatever they are willing to work with! BiG thanks!!"

~ CR, Pennsylvania

2) Thanks for the time on Tuesday. I feel like a tiger!

~ DT, Massachusetts

3) Thank you!! it is great to be grandfathered in to your future classes!! they are wonderful! Much appreciated.

4) I really was astonished at how the program helped me so quickly. I took 3 minutes off my 5 mile run immediately after following your advice.

~ RP, New Hampshire

5) The RBTI class taught by Michael Olszta is an amazing way to learn about this wonderful approach to human health. Michael is passionate about his teaching and has the patience to go into great detail when answering questions. What is even more amazing is that the class notes keep on being improved and sent out, at no extra costs, to participants of all former classes. Thank you for the great experience.

~ IZ, Namibia

6) My wife and six children, like a lot of other people in our community, got sick on a regular basis. This flu, that flu, this cold, that cold, etc. But since being on this RBTI program, we rarely have any problems and our energy levels are much higher.

~ DH, Arkansas

7) As always, I think your lessons are very understandable and come in a timely fashion. I do not think they are too long. I just keep going over them again and again. Each time I do, I learn something more. You put such detail into them. I do not see anyway you could improve on them, although I know you are always looking for ways to do so.

8) I was really surprised that by just following your suggestion to drink a certain amount of distilled water during the day that the swelling in my legs went away so fast.

~ JG, Massachusetts

9) The lessons on sugar are very good. I like how you explain the excerpts from the other sources. This is so helpful in helping me to avoid the tunnel vision I seem to use sometimes. I think I am starting to see the whole picture a lot better this year. I am sure some of it is from the way you are doing the lessons and I know some of it is because my potassium deficiency is gone and my new cells are working much better. Still having some problems with motivation. I am working on running the tests more regularly and to stop letting everything else come first. Seems there is so much to do all the time. Once again, thanks for all the hard work you put into giving us the greatest lessons ever. In this time of great inflation you are making our money go unbelievably far and at the same time because of learning to do the tests and spending the money on the lessons you have found a way to sift through the serious and just the curious. Great Job. ... I have taken the online class Michael Olszta teaches. It is amazing. It goes into great detail and you come away knowing more than you would believe is possible. He answers any questions you might have and makes himself available on the phone also. I would highly recommend his class, I think one is starting up in January. Also, I would recommend Dr. Beddoes book, "Biological Ionization Through Human Nutrition", it is a great source to acquaint you with the RBTI. This would give you a good start. There is much information available on the RBTI. Michael's classes cover it all.

~ JY, Illinois

10) You know, I think all the drinking of the distilled water and the calciums have really helped my sugar problems. The doctor took me off insulin so now I'm only taking one medication for sugar. ... The Lime Water is so good at healing my nightly indigestion.

~ AB, New Hampshire

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