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... Continued from Testimonial #20

In 2008 and 2009 I was so ill that I could not take care of myself or my children. I lived in the Chicago burbs at the time, far from any family, and my mother had to come from New York and stay with us to help me just survive. No one knew what was wrong. No doctor could even understand my symptoms, much less diagnose me. Multiple trips to the ER with strange symptoms never yielded any leads.

I was weak, usually shaking, unable to eat much, unable to get energy from my food, always short of breath, unable to sleep because I gasped or choked and woke up suddenly before I could get to sleep. This would go on all night every night. I was in constant fear and worry, paranoid and phobic. I could not think rationally. I had episodes which kept me in a prostrate position on the floor for literally 6-8 hours at a stretch, sweating and struggling to breathe normally. But if I were to go to the hospital, they would say my O2 saturation was normal, and that I was just nuts. I could not tolerate bright lights or loud noises. My adrenals were very much exhausted.

I tried a holistic doctor for several months, using herbal and homeopathic treatments to detoxify and to ward off candida. My expenses for supplements exceeded a thousand dollars a month, but barely helped. I still could not perform basic daily duties, and I could not drive. I also had all my amalgam fillings replaced, but this did not solve my problem at all.

Many many many times I went into a state that would remind you of a severely autistic child: humming, rocking, flapping, and unable to speak. Sometimes I would pace in a circle, moaning and bent over, for an entire night; it was the only thing that would bring relief.

We moved to upstate NY in August of 2009 hoping to start a vegetable farm. We knew that we wanted to grow nutrient-dense vegetables, and we knew that the garden we had in Chicago brought us some real happiness and inspiration in spite of my illness. It offerred us hope, though we didn't really understand how, nor how much.

In the Fall, as we began our research for the next farm season, we learned about Dr. Carey Reams and soil fertility and the critical importance of minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus. We understood these are crucial for the health of edible plants, and we began to realize that this was the true key to human health. I was still so very sick, living with my parents, and desperately wishing to be independent and strong. So we dived in and tried RBTI. I have never looked back. I have never felt better. I am extremely thankful for the revelation that RBTI has been. I don't want to imagine what shape I would be in without it.

I was extremely deficient in calcium. I also needed many trace minerals. But the tricks to reintroducing those minerals to the body are not obvious, and most people simply do not know they are lacking. RBTI has all the tools for regeneration and energy restoration. Try it, and you will not look back, either.

Oh, and the farm is coming along!

~ NP, New York

21) Hello dear Michael from Arkansas. All is well and the the class is going fine. I have really been enjoying the new type of sends: Special studies, Special mailings, Your thoughts, and conversations with clients and your RBTI peers, very informative, an interesting perspective and great reads.

~ EA, Arkansas

22) Michael, I hope you are well. I wanted to give you an update. I had my second normal pap result, that is two in a row, thank you, now I don't have to get another one for a whole year. I haven't been checking my numbers very regularly but i have been drinking my lemon aid and taking my minerals. I am going to start checking them again to see where I'm at, I still continue to struggle with swinging pHs and not getting enough rest. I'm giving a talk about RBTI in January to my nutrition group, I'm a little nervous I don't know nearly enough but I'm just going to present my story and then give people some option where they can go to learn more (yourself included). Well I just wanted to let you know how I was doing and thank you once again. ( See Testimonial #14 as well. )

~ JG, Illinois

23) Michael, your swiftness and depth of explaining your answers is truly profound! Thanks so very much!! P.S. I thank God & really admire your approach!

~ MR, Virginia

24) Thank you so very much. Your teachings are incredibly interesting and so easy to understand.

~ CR, Texas

25) Michael ,... I wanted to be sure you get your kudos for a very meaningful post. What you thought out and constructed is probably about as good as it will ever get concerning Cal II. Excellent job...and I hope your students appreciate what they got.

~ RH, Florida

26)... your Q&A lesson regarding Cal II was excellent ! It was better than when we discussed it.

~RL, Michigan

27) ... Thank you for saving my son's life! ..... Thank you for saving my son's life!! ..... Thank you for saving my son's life!

~ AA, Ottawa, Canada

28) ... Thanks, Michael. You are so quick to respond and so thorough! What a delight!

~ LT, Virginia

29) Thank you for the prompt response - you are such a wonderful instructor with clear directions - Thanks a lot.

~ JG, Texas

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