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30) I want to thank you first for the new video series. It is fantastic. I am giving each lesson multiple viewings, and will treasure them for years to come.

~ PR, Canada

31) Michael, I'm so proud of myself that i wanted to share with you.

  • Thanks to your advice, I totally changed my drinking program in an effort to reduce my SCR. The goal was to keep brix at 1.5-2.0 while lowering sugars from 11-14C down to 6-7C. Well, I've done it! Here's what I had to do, in case you want to share with others:

  • I sweetened my lemonade to the sweetest point I could get it, without having my tastebuds tell me it was "too sweet" - i only let my tongue do the talking for the lemonade.

  • I decided to use fresh-squeezed juices with my distilled water doses in order to not lose any brix while still flushing salts.

Each day I would juice a various item, and then add some distilled water (not much), test the brix, and try to get it in between 5 and 7. Then I would drink that mixture in place of straight distilled, for all doses, even after 2pm.

I haven't gained a pound, and I'm leaner, and my metabolism is raging, evidenced by a higher natural body temperature throughout the day. Brix is steady between 1.2-2.0 and my conductivity is staying between 5C and 10C. My typical SCR is now 4.5, and I am so freakin' excited!

All numbers are working themselves out, as evidenced by yesterday's 1.5---6.61/6.60---6C---4M---10/5 ... I'm back, and I'm rarin' to go! :)

~ RS, Pennsylvania

32) Michael, You're the best, thanks. ... Thank you for all you are doing. This really is God's work and I know that as soon as I sink my teeth into RBTI I will be asking alot of technical questions. Thank you for caring so much about RBTI and helping others learn it.Much appreciation to you and your efforts! Best Regards,

~ MC , North Carolina

33) I am really enjoying the teaching, and glad to be part of the class. After studying Dr. Beddoe's book, your teaching is helping me to get it all in the right perspective. I look forward to each week's new lesson! I am anxious to understand the ureas, and finding out the importance between the patterns and colors. This is a difficult area for me! ...... We appreciate your teaching and the time that you and your wife have spent to make this possible! Looking forward to the next lessons, and thank you,

~ J&DV, Oregon

34) Hello Michael, I want to thank you again for the tremendous effort you put into teaching the RTBI classes. I have been a member of your class since Dec. of 09 and have never been able to take full advantage of all the material. I have been very faithful to save everything to my computer but the actual study time has been very hard to achieve. I really like this video format and believe it is going to make a big difference for me. .... I have recently connected with Sue Aberle at Promise Institute through your email and thank you for that also. I am encouraged.

~ CG, Alaska

35) You are simply the best.

~ YR, Washington

(In response to my RBTI Online Video Class Lesson 7 mailing. It's not too late to join the class and get your RBTI training in the way it was originally taught by Dr. Reams himself! Click Here to get started!)

36) Hello, Micheal: How are you doing my friend. I am doing well with the weekly video and documents you are sending me and with the whole life time member folder that I have.... every thing that you are doing is well organized and it is not hard to understand it at all. ... This this the field that I want keep and speak for it professionally when ever I have to.

~ Yours AY, Ontario, Canada

37) I just watched Lesson 11 and really enjoyed it! My sugars have not been going super low like they used to, but these were still all really good tips. It's always great to hear the scientific explanation of the processes going on in the body because it drives home how important the supplements or foods are to keep these processes going smoothly. It was interesting to hear about how the body pulls oil from the joints into the colon if it needs it ... I had never heard that before!

~ JB, Minnesota

38) Hi,wanted to tell you how excited I am with the success I've had with my little boy (------ - just turned three). When I first took his numbers about 8 weeks ago they scared me. 3.0 7.6/7.8 33C 4m 12/10. ------ has always drunk TONS of fluids, so I cannot imagine how high the salt and ureas would have been if he hadn't been doing that. But I hadn't known before to use distilled water, so we made that switch and I started giving him really sweet lemonade as well as Blackstrap molasses. I took him off the vit. D the Ped. had put him on and gave him some vit C and pickles with his meals. I took salt out of his diet as best I could and tried to limit his meat intake. What I started noticing within a week was less fits and anger. Then the gas and stomach pain started to subside. Then he started sleeping through the night which was such a relief! He's calmed down quite a lot and is so much more enjoyable to be with. He still has sugar crashes if I don't stay on top of what he's drinking. I have come to learn that temper tantrums usually mean crashing sugars and I can pretty much prevent them if I can keep him sipping lemonade throughout the day. ..... Everything is really starting to come into line... I am so thrilled and feel so blessed to have stumbled onto RBTI and finally found something to turn around the troubles that ------ has had since birth.

~ JK, Alaska

39) Muscle mass increased from 20% to 35%! I am so impressed by what God can do when we do it His way!

~ CO, Maryland

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