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40) Dear Michael, Making real progress! My right head muscles have been giving me a fit lately, but that is subsiding. My body looks and feels better than it did 30 years ago. Now does my face get that young looking, too?lol:)

~ In Christ, CO, Maryland

41) I would get Micheal's class and become a client of his until you learn it from him. That is what I did for my wife and my family. You will find in Micheal a true honest, compassionate, coach, teacher and friend. Having had direct contact with Dr Reams himself because his wife spent time at his retreat he has researched the best of RBTI and has incapsolated it in a very organised fashion. I'm familiar with others out there who do the same but Micheal's program is well worth the time, money and effort. It's the best bang for your dollar too.

~ DO, Pennsylvania

42) I have done and completed Dr Beddoe's course on RBTI (completed level 3) as well as Michael Olszta's course. I would personally pay your money to Mr Olszta as you will get practical advice plus a guiding hand from day one. Dr Beddoe is good, and you'll need his textbooks, but the first two modules are more about the theory of RBTI whereas Michael's emphasis is about understanding and guiding you through the practicalities of RBTI with an emphasis on theory later. Cheers

~ TK, Australia

43) Chronic Lyme Goes Away After Following RBTI Protocol Although I had some health issues for most of my life, in 2006 I went from getting along ok to nearly unable to function overnight. I had what might be described as a full blown panic/anxiety attack that came over me and never left. I spent the night in the hospital and saw a doctor in the morning who thought it was just stress related and prescribed anti-depressants and benzodiazepines that helped very little and made me feel drugged all the time. I had been having other symptoms like pain behind the eyes, heart rhythm problems excessive sweating at times, nervousness and shaking to name a few. Since the medical doctors didnít seem to have any answers about what had happened, and what to do to do regain my health, basically telling me to get used to a new normal, I started seeing alternative health care practitioners. I changed my diet, eating mostly organic, cutting out gluten, soy and dairy and taking supplements. This seemed to be helping somewhat but I would still have episodes where I would have to go back to the benzodiazepines and antidepressants for weeks or months at a time again. In 2009 I developed another symptom when I bent down to pick up a piece of wood for the fireplace and the room started spinning. This dizziness was now a fairly constant companion along with another symptom that I have described as a feeling of my head being filled with a magnetic gel that was being pulled this way and that giving me a feeling of unsteadiness like standing in a rowboat. I continued to see all types of health care practitioners and search the internet trying to figure out what I could do to get myself feeling even halfway normal again. When you go through something like this you realize the truth in the old saying that without your health, nothing else matters. Just wait, it gets even better. In 2010 I met a very nice lady while doing sessions with a Native American healer who told me I should get tested for Chronic Lyme. I saw a holistic chiropractor who diagnosed me clinically, and through a blood test with Chronic Lyme. Shortly after starting treatment with some herbal medicines I came down with a very high fever for a few days. When the fever left, the pain came. I had such severe pain in my neck and my back that many nights I would only be able to sleep by passing out from complete exhaustion. If the pain wasnít bad enough I developed Bellís Palsy, and had a sick feeling like having a bad flu that never left. There were numerous other symptoms during this time from restless legs to tinnitus. The only time I left my recliner (it was even more painful to lay in a bed) during those months was to see another practitioner or get some kind of treatment. I had lost a lot of weight and looked like, and thought, I was going to die. But I wasnít scared of dying, I was scared of living, because no one seemed to know what was wrong with me or what to do to stop this terrible slide. About four months into this episode I got a call from a medical intuitive who was also a clinical nutritionist. I had signed up months earlier for a free phone session and she started telling me about how my body needed nutrition and that if I did what she said, every day I will get just a little bit better. My exact thought was "Lady, I have chronic Lyme, you are not going to fix me with nutrition!" But I was so sick, and in so much pain that I thought it certainly couldn't hurt to try and build up the body a little before I continued to fight my Chronic Lyme disease. She taught me a lot, and I started to see enough improvements in my health that I started to think that maybe there really was something to this nutrition stuff. Sometime during this period I came across an audio interview of Carey Reams done by Salem Kirban and all kinds of lights started flashing for me. Somehow I intuited that what Dr. Reams was saying was the truth. I knew that this was right, and this was real, and I was going to do whatever I needed to do to learn what RBTI was all about. Shortly after this I became a lifetime student of Michael Olszta and started learning how to do the testing and getting guidance about diet and water intake etc. This was 2011 and since that time I have never stopped studying and learning all I can about RBTI. Michael is a wealth of RBTI knowledge, and is a non-judgmental, dedicated RBTI teacher that I would recommend to anyone who wants to recover their health or learn about RBTI. Plus, he is a genuinely nice person to boot. I feel like for some reason, I was blessed to come across this kind of information. Dr. Reams was not just your average really smart person. He left the world with something special and I am grateful every day that I found RBTI. Today I am 60 years old, I feel great, I donít take a single medication for any health issue, and I know that it is entirely up to me how healthy I want to be. I feel joy in life again nearly every day. And there were long terrible stretches of time where I didnít think that was ever going to happen again.

~ MA, Wisconsin

Editor's Note: #s 39 & 40 are sent in from the same lady and show what consistent focus on keeping her numbers within the healing range is doing for her. More than 99% of you reading this can also experience such results. Contact me by phone or email. Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

~ Michael Olszta

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