RBTI Introduction
Reserve Energy Breakdown OR How Our Health Declines

According to Dr. Reams, the following chronological breakdown is the cause of most of our health issues (click on the links below to move directly to an explanation of that specific subject):

Below, please find Dr. Beddoe's illustration of the Human Body receiving its Anionic & Cationic Energies from the Digestive System. Below this, please see a nice rendering of the Organs of the Digestive System from a mainstream anatomy perspective. Try to keep these in mind and/or refer back to them as the text flows along. More pictures will follow.

(It is strongly suggested that Dr. Beddoe's Biological Ionization As Applied To Human Nutrition available from Advancedideals.org be in every serious RBTI student's library.)

Compare the above with a simple mainstream picture of the digestive tract:

Also, below, see a very simple but excellent illustration of the anion / cation interaction and energy release and how the great majority of minerals are sent from the small as well as partly from the large intestine via the hepatic portal vein to the liver.

The liver is where the manufacturing of amino acids, which eventually become the replacement cells that have everything to do with our body functioning correctly, takes place. If and when the process of digestion moves faster or slower than it should so that the liver does not receive the anions, cations, minerals, colloids, etc. for the creation of these amino acids at a proper rate of speed so that cells in the body needing replacement are replaced right at 180 days of life in the body, the numbers will move away from perfect.

This is a slightly more defined way of saying Any day anyone uses more energy than s/he takes in, that is the first day of his or her illness. That is Rule # 2 in the RBTI and what you will continue to read about below is what happens to people who continually use more energy than they take in on a regular basis. Please enjoy the rest of the study.

Please note that what is happening in digestion is that the food we eat is being broken down into progressively smaller and smaller pieces until it is broken down into the following particles of energy and/or matter:

  • Anions - The smallest particle of energy discussed in Biologic Ionization. Its energy exits in ratio between its center and outer shell. This ratio of energy can exist in value from 1 unit, called the Milhouse (absolute) unit, to as much as 499 Milhouse units. The anion has a positive core and a dominant negative electromagnetic field around it moving in a clockwise direction.

  • Source: Biological Ionization as Applied to Human Nutrition, Page 3,
    Dr. A. F. Beddoe

  • Cations - The next smallest complete energy package next to an anion. Its Milhouse (absolute) unit value can be from the smallest of 500 to its maximum of 999. Above 999 it has an unstable ratio which causes it to split and form 1 anion and 1 cation. It could even form several anions. The cation has a negative charge core and a dominant positive charged shell which rotates in a counter clockwise direction.

  • Source: Biological Ionization as Applied to Human Nutrition - ut supra, pg 4

  • Minerals - material also known as elements in which the atoms making up each specific element are very similar. The atoms making up these elements are made up of the very Anions & Cations spoken of above which tells you that digestion is a process in which all 3 forms of energy - heat, electricity, & matter are being utilized during & after the digestive processes have been completed which take up to 7 full days depending on one's definition of digestion. For RBTI, digestion has to do with the utilization of the energy taken into the body from the foods that we eat as well as the air that we breathe and processing it into amino acid cells that become brand new cells in the body within 7 days from the beginning of the digestion process. Remember that the cells of our body contain up to 84 minerals per cell and without these minerals being properly digested, new cells cannot be made. Please keep all of this in mind as you read the reserve energy breakdown chronology below.

  • Chemical Compound Colloids - A substance that is like a complete solar system. It cannot be taken apart or created by man, but it can be analyzed. It contains upwards of 66 elements. All elements in chemical compound colloids are nontoxic. Because of the size and electromagnetic characteristics they are repelled by both positive and negative fields. This is why the colloid particles will stay in suspension in water and follow the water wherever it goes— in spite of the fact that it will not dissolve. Chemical compound colloids do attract each other and the greater their amount in living substance, the easier it is for more of them to be attracted. They will become a part of any frequency structure because of their complete “solar system” arrangement. This substance is very high in Soft Rock Phosphate.

  • Source: Biological Ionization as Applied to Human Nutrition - ut supra, pg 4

  • Chemical Compound Colloids continued - The body is made up of nothing more than colloids and water. Dust we are, dust we will return to. The body is nothing but dust, which is colloidal, held together with water. The difference between a tree standing upright and a vine that lays on the ground is the amount of colloids found in each plant. The colloids are what give the plant (the tree) the firmness or the form so that it can stand upright. Remember in chemistry what is referred to as the Brownian movement? If you would look in a microscope and see this vibration that was going back and forth in a cell, that is a colloidal suspension. If you have ever looked at a sunbeam as it shines through the window and seen little particles that are floating around in the sunbeam, those are colloids. They are so small that they resist the pull of gravity and it has no affect upon them until they are weighted down by moisture. The colloid is also referred to as the diamond in the dew drop. They are a complete miniature solar system within themselves. This is why colloids are very, very important to our health. One cubic inch of a colloidal mineral will cover 7 1/2 acres and still be a solid sheet. They are extremely small and can not be destroyed. They can be heated, frozen, crushed, or smashed, but they can not be destroyed. They will still remain a colloid.

  • Source: More Excellent Way Ministries, Session A, Pg 7, Dr. Joseph C. Manthei

  • Compounds - These include all the substances made up of 2 or more elements (minerals) such as amino acids, simple sugars, short chain fatty acids, glycerol, and vitamins.

  • Source: Structure & Function in Man, Jacob, Francone, Lossow, page 505
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