Section 1: Loss of Calcium in the Liver

Naturally, we could spend a lot of time getting into all the specific names of all the various minerals and compounds but the point above is to give us a functional view of what is happening in digestion and the basic particles that the body uses to put itself together with as well as keep itself running. And now we begin with the initial breakdown that occurs when a person's reserve energy begins to breakdown in his or her body.

1. Loss of Calcium in the Liver

This is the first thing that is going to happen. When it does, the gastric juice is going to get weaker, something we will see in the urine and saliva pH numbers. A weakened gastric juice means a weakened ability to extract various nutrients, etc. from the foods we are eating.

And when we don't get all the minerals out of the foods we eat, the liver, which is the organ responsible for both taking the minerals out of the food and putting them back together on our frequency and making skeleton amino acids which are the precursors to brand new cells built to replace cells that have reached and/or exceeded their 6 month, 100% reserve energy lifespan in the body.

More on cell ionization to come below. The important thing we want to remember from the start when looking at the numbers and working on the problem is that invariably, unless we are dealing with an accident of some sort, the loss of calcium in the liver is going to be the initial start to a loss of reserve energy in the body as a whole.

Also, since the pH in combination with the other numbers is going to be a guide to tell us how much calcium has been lost as well as what kind(s), we want to remember that the degeneration seen in the pHs generally follows this chronology with the first pH being the Urine and the second pH being the Saliva ( Urine/Saliva ) as illustrated below :

Perfect ---------------- 6.40 / 6.40

Alkaline/Alkaline -- 7.20 / 7.20

Acid/Alkaline ------- 5.90 / 7.20

Alkaline/Acid ------- 7.20 / 5.90

Acid/Acid ------------- 5.90 / 5.90

Back to Perfect ---- 6.40 / 6.40

Strangely enough, the pHs and the rest of the numbers seem to often close right back in on near perfect just before death which is why I put the perfect 6.40 / 6.40 pH reading at the end. Keep the above in mind as you consider how much calcium has been lost in the liver and how weak that gastric juice truly has become. The body can only process minerals that have been properly freed from the atomic bonds holding them together in the foods we eat. If the atomic bonds are not properly broken down, two things will have happened:

  • The energy released during the breaking down process of the food will not be harnessed properly for usable energy. When usable energy is not provided in high enough amounts, the body has to get it from somewhere and it will draw it from the cells. This will hasten the breaking down of reserve energy.

  • The minerals that should have been available to the liver for amino acid production which become the precursors to brand new cells will not be available. When this occurs, the finishing off process becomes defective and replacement cells to push out and take the place of the old cells they were programmed and manufactured to replace are not completed. The old cell remains and is now beginning to function like an old tire on a car or some other part that still functions but not at 100% efficiency & capacity. And the amino acid that was to take its place ends up remaining in the blood stream and if it isn't flushed out within 72 hours, it turns into a salt and places pressure on the heart due to increased electrical current & thickening of the blood. And then the heart begins using too much energy and is weakened. This is why energy lost in one area of the body always affects other areas of the body.

So, again, the initial stage of degeneration occurring in the body is going to be a loss of calcium in the liver. Dr. Reams states it this way:

  • Practically all of our problems start with the liver, even one in the brain.
    ARM 71 under the LIVER entry.

Below, please find a list of Organs and other Body Tissues and the pH Resistance Levels that are found in them:


Also, below, please find a table I put together using Figure 7-11 above. This table will help to put the pH of various body tissues into perspective and as our understanding improves, we will begin to know why the numbers are the way they are:

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