Section 2 & 3: Loss of Gelatin in the Colon & Loss of Vitamin C

2. Loss of gelatin in the colon

As the gastric juices get weaker due to the loss of calcium in the liver, the ability to pull the gelatin from the foods becomes weakened. It is the gelatin that keeps the intestine clean and a loss of gelatin means the energy pick up in the intestine is going to be lowered due to it not being completely clean. At this point, the small and large intestines are no longer picking up nutrients as they should and allowing them to pass through its membranes into the blood which is carried back to the liver to be used in the production of skeleton amino acids.

3. Loss of Vitamin C

The gastric juice has been weakened, the gelatin is not being taken out of the foods thereby causing the small and large intestines to not absorb as much nutrients as they should for the making of skeleton amino acids. Without the proper mineral being provided to the liver in the proper amount of time, cells are staying in the body longer than 6 months and when they do, they are expanding as the outer membrane, which is made up of Vitamin A and is an electron shell, is broken down creating a cavity in the cell. Carbon Dioxide gas fills the cell, Nitrogen begins escaping (that's why the ureas go higher than 3 / 3) and the pressure of the expanding cell begins the breaking down of Vitamin C, the electrical substance that holds the cells together like cement holds bricks together in a structure. It would be like if bricks in a house began expanding and pushing out the cement that holds them together. Pressure begins to rise and exert itself on the neighboring cells and eventually, if nothing is changed, the weak link in the body structure will breakdown enough and begin to cause symptoms.*


*At this juncture, it is extremely important that a short but exact summary on RBTI teaching on how a new cell is made be given here so that a clear understanding is created in your mind.

I will set up the teaching by numbered points:

    1. The cells that make up our bodies are made by a process of ionization.

    That is, they are built ion by ion. They do not divide.  The process occurring is like what is seen in the electroplating process whereby ions of one material are plated by electromagnetism onto another material. Unless this fact is understood, RBTI cannot be understood.

    2. The cells in our body are built using 84 minerals (elements) which can be found on the Periodic Table Of The Elements.

    These elements are put together into many different combinations as required for the building of specific cells for the specific & different parts of the body.

    3. We get minerals into our body from essentially the following sources:

      a. The air we breathe from which we can obtain 80% of our mineral needs when we are in perfect health.

      b. From the fluids and foods we drink and eat from which we can obtain 20% of our mineral needs when we are in perfect health.

    4. What follows is the process of how a single new cell is made:

      a. The brain receives a message from the cell that it needs to be exchanged. The reason for this is that it has reached a point where it is going to pass from alpha cell (100% reserve energy) status to delta cell (less than 100% reserve energy) status. If the cell had not been injured from a physical accident but only needed to be exchanged because its time to be exchanged had come, then it would have maintained alpha cell status for 6 months. During this time needed amounts of energy going out have been replaced by equal amounts of energy being picked up. In other words, it is an even exchange. By the end of 6 months, however, the cell will give up just a bit too much energy which will signal the brain that the party is over, so to speak, and a new cell needs to take this now becoming delta cell's place. This particular giving up of too much energy is part of the normal process that occurs after the cell's 6 month perfect health duration so it begins telling the brain that it's time to exchange the old for the new and so long as mineral is available to make the new cell, perfect health will be maintained.

      b. The brain has received the message from a cell, let's say a cell in the heart, that it needs to be exchanged. It then sends a message to the liver telling the liver to begin the process of building what is called a skeleton amino acid to replace, in this case, the specific heart cell. The liver manufactures the foundational skeleton amino acid or what could also be called a "precursor cell" for the part of the body it has received instructions from the brain to build this foundational cell for. It should be understood that this skeleton amino acid is only 60 to 80% finished after the liver has put it together and sent it on its way into the blood stream to go to the place in the heart where when finally finished, it will replace the cell in the heart that has fulfilled its time as a cell and now needs to be sloughed off and a new cell built in its place.

      c. The liver builds this heart cell from the mineral it receives from both the fluids and foods that the person has eaten as well as the air that the person has taken in through the lungs and skin. As long as all the minerals have been provided to the liver to do its job and there are no other existing problems causing a hindrance in this process, the liver builds this precursor to a completed cell and sends it on its way to the heart with it being 60-80% complete.

      d. That skeleton amino acid or precursor cell is brought to the location where it needs to be by both energy sent from the brain as well as magnetic energy from the cells in the location where it will replace the old cell. It will only fit in this location of the body, nowhere else.

      e. As it arrives in that area through the electro-magnetic process, the transformer gland for that part of the body (one of a total of 284 transformer glands in the entire body) will adjust the energy and minerals in that amino acid, adding anions and cations, etc. to it and taking away from it until it is nearly complete and at that point it will further be pulled by magnetic attraction into the position of where the old cell is and literally cause that old cell to be sloughed off into the blood stream to be sent out of the body.

      f. A stole, essentially a foundation made of carbon upon which to build the new cell, will now be built for the building of the new and replacement cell and the process will continue until it is finished and the new replacement cell is now in full operation with 100% reserve energy.

      g. Meanwhile, the old cell that was sloughed off will be carried by the blood stream to the kidney(s) where it will be filtered out of the blood, sent to the bladder, and then discarded from the body via the urine. It is the loss of energy coming out of the body in this particular cell as well as the fluid that it is found in which we are measuring with our instruments. And when this process is happening at the speed it is supposed to, the numbers will be perfect. If, however, the cells are not being replaced as fast as they should, the numbers will change, revealing a greater loss of energy than should be AND less energy coming into the body at the speed that it should be.

Above is a simple but exact explanation of what the RBTI is all about, that is, the gain and loss of energy, the gain of new & replacement cells and the loss of old cells for the purpose of their being exchanged for new cells.
And it is this precise reason as to why this process works perfectly or less than perfectly and how to read such in the numbers of what this course is all about.

Remember, if all the cells in your body are perfect, containing 100% reserve energy each, there will be no need to use special concoctions (drugs, herbs, etc.) to help the body and its organs do what they should do on their own with just the simple daily usable energy needed to do such.

It's when our reserve energy drops in one or more areas of the body that the physiological functions also become less than ideal and where we sometimes need "crutches" (herbs, vitamins, drugs, etc.) to help us along UNTIL the reserve energy, which comes from minerals, is restored.

At the point that total restoration of mineral has been accomplished, there should be no need for the so called "crutches" any longer.

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