Section 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8: Loss of Oxygen to Loss of immunity

4. Loss of Oxygen

The lungs are also losing mineral now. They require all 84 minerals to be in perfect health. The lung cells dehydrate instead of swelling up. In other words, they get smaller. As they get smaller, they carry less oxygen. Less oxygen being picked up by the lungs means less oxygen going into the blood stream which means less oxygen going to the body's cells which means less oxygen going to the liver which means less oxygen to make a stronger gastric juice which means less calcium is picked up which means a weakened liver and liver bile which means less mineral being picked up from the foods being eaten which means less skeleton amino acids being made as quickly as they should which means cells in the body are staying in the body longer than 6 months which means excessive loss of reserve energy which means degeneration of the body tissues. Again, we will see this in the pHs as they rise and the rest of the numbers as they move away from perfect. Cause and effect, cause and effect!

5. Pancreas begins to malfunction

Now we see why the sugar number moves up and/or down. The pancreas begins to malfunction because the liver is no longer functioning as it should and not providing enough of a systematic flow of glycogen for the pancreas to consistently do its job of producing insulin, alcohol, and thyroxin. This leads to blood sugar problems with accompanying lowered brain function due to the oxygen deficiency being produced from the uneven production of insulin to regulate the sugar levels. If and when the pancreas becomes exhausted, glucose spillage in the urine is the result and this is why we like to use the clinitest to verify whether or not glucose is being spilled which shows that the condition has continued for a long period of time. Some people get too little thyroxin production and coupled with a low sugar and the inability to pick up potassium from the foods, they begin to gain weight as the fats and oils are under regulated. When the alcohol levels go up, the heat goes up and thus a person is warm most or all of the time. When the alcohol level goes down, the heat goes down and the person is cold most or all of the time. Again, this is why we can literally tell people what they are feeling like when we read these numbers.

6. Reserve energy starts dropping off

Any day that any one uses more energy then they take in is the first day of illness for that person. The cells are staying in the body beyond six months. It means that the outer shell of the atomic structure of the cell develops a cavity and allows CO2 gas to enter in and nitrogen to escape. Moisture is drawn in. The cell swells. The speed of the electrons increase to maintain the human frequency because a larger cell means greater distance for the electrons to travel to cover the one revolution distance in .0000024ths of a second in the male and .0000026ths of a second in the female. More heat is given off because of the excess speed. Rub your hands together; you feel heat. Rub them together faster; you feel more heat. This affects the surrounding cells. Rub your hands together again but this time press them against each other a little harder; you feel more heat. This is the same thing that is happening inside the body as the cells begin to push against one another and the continual spinning action of the electrons causes more heat to escape than what should be because there is faster speed and greater pressure. The chain reaction has begun and the energy loss becomes greater and greater unless something is done to change the situation. And since we are made to receive our energy to build brand new cells from the air we breathe and from the fluids and foods we consume, we turn to these aspects of our lives to make changes so that an increase in the amount of energy being taken in and processed becomes greater than the amount of energy being thrown out so that eventually we can restore that which was lost. But to continue with the breakdown, this latest stage of breakdown leads us to number 7.

7. Slowing down of base exchange, delta cells developing

Delta cells are cells with less than 100% reserve energy. If enough of them form together in one area, they can clump together and the medical term "tumors" can form. These cells are like tires whose tread has worn down. They may get a person to where s/he is going but they may give that person trouble on the way. Now, these delta cells began to form almost immediately once the energy exchange between the cells lost its synchronization due to too much energy having been lost, the small cavity having been formed in the outer part of the cell, the nitrogen having escaped and the moisture having taken the place of the nitrogen to keep the cell from collapsing.

8. Loss of immunity

Sickness begins to occur more easily and more often and more severely. What was once a body that could easily withstand a bacteria and/or virus because of a magnetic field within which the bacteria and/or virus could not live now becomes fertile soil for these bacteria and viruses. Remember that the Vitamin C was lost due to the expansion of the cell which caused a breakdown of the Vitamin C that like mortar between bricks is holding the cells together. As the cells lose energy and expand, they literally squeeze out that Vitamin C mortar and the lower the Vitamin C content of the body, the lower the resistance to invading bacteria and viruses because of open access to the cells beginning to occur due to the breakdown of the collagen. It is like the force field of electricity that would normally ZAP any invading sickness in the person with perfect health or close to perfect health is now no longer as strong as it used to be. The greater the breakdown of this force field, the less chance the human body will have against any disease that goes from another weak person to this weakened person. Getting the flu is not normal. Getting the common cold is not normal. Getting sick is not normal! That is, none of these things are normal if by normal we mean having perfect health.

The above 8 points (Page 2 & Page 3) constitute the breakdown of reserve energy in the human body and it is this chronological breakdown that Dr. Reams tells us to keep in our minds when we look at these numbers. Thus, it would behoove every student to read this chronological breakdown on a regular basis so that every time he or she is looking at a set of numbers, these things are kept in mind and continually thought of and considered as the person registers his or her complaints to the RBTI Consultant.

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