Section 9: Tonsils go bad and Further Studies Continued

9. Tonsils go bad in children*

With children, the tonsils will be affected because they are nature's trash cans which pick up a lot of the garbage that too rich and/or poor of a diet causes due to what has been explained above. Too rich or too poor in mineral of a diet causes the child not to be able to digest the minerals in the foods and of course if the minerals are not there in the first place, it's a lost cause from the start. The tonsils were created to give children an extra chance, extra time for the parents to provide the proper amounts of distilled water to wash those tonsils out of all the garbage they have picked up and very likely saved the rest of the body from but which if they are not washed out in time will themselves become infected and then allopathic teaching has only one suggestion if the tonsils don't respond to anti-biotic treatment and that is to have the tonsils removed. But not only that, children are more susceptible to other sicknesses as well. As stated, children who are losing Vitamin C in the manner described above are also not drinking proper amounts of water to cleanse the tonsils and when this happens, the tonsils become infected and the medical approach is to remove them. By removing the tonsils, another line of defense is removed from the body. Of course, the medical doctor did not have the proper training to do anything else and no doubt in his mind removal of the tonsils was the only option. This is why RBTI needs to be incorporated with all of the healing arts so that this system of building up the usable and reserve energy of the body can be the first line of defense against disease. That is, RBTI is not in any way an art that prevents or treats disease. Rather, it provides us with a guide to utilize the right foods and other things to give the body the things it needs to build its own defenses against sickness and disease. God made our bodies, not us, to prevent disease in and of themselves. No man can do such.

* The statement "tonsils go bad in children" is not said to indicate they won't go bad in adults. It's just more common for it to happen in children rather than adults.

In other words, the numbers plotted would look something like the above albeit running up, down, to the right, to the left, through, and around the body. Dr. Beddoe illustrates this wonderfully well in his 3rd level of his RBTI Video teaching in his Power Point pictures. If we can conceptualize 3 dimensions out of the 2 dimensions below, literally placing the coordinates above in the body of the woman below and illustrated by the horizontal dotted lines you see above and below the head and the feet as well as the dotted lines moving diagonally to and from the opposite corners. Keep these in your mind because in the next picture following this one, you will see a deviation from what you are seeing below.

So the dotted lines above, below, and kriss crossing through the female body above are representing an x-y-z coordinate system albeit in only a 2 dimensional picture. Now what is extremely important to remember is that as long as the numbers cross directly over these lines which they will do when they are perfect, there is no picture in the numbers. But when the numbers deviate from perfect as they do in the next picture, there is then a picture and we now can confirm some of the things the client was complaining of when she tested herself and sent in her numbers. Here is the picture formed by the plot lines of her first set of numbers on November 14, 2009:

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