Where & How Do I Start ???

Step 1:

Acquaint yourself with Dr. Reams & the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization by reading some or all of the literature below on the subject. 3 of the 4 books are written by people who experienced dramatic improvements in their health by attending a Reams Retreat & following this scientific application of diet & can be read online for free. The 4th is authored by Dr. Reams himself and can be purchased HERE. I suggest reading Health Guide For Survival first, No Time To Die second, The Curse Causeless Shall Not Come third, & Choose Life Or Death anytime.

* It appears that Health Guide For Survival is no longer posted for online reading. It can be found for sale at Amazon as of today, 09/01/2016.

At the time they were written, extremely ill men, women, and children were getting well by either attending one of several health retreats Dr. Reams was conducting or by seeing an RBTI tester who prepared a diet for the person to follow at home. Like at the retreats, a unique urine & saliva analysis developed by Dr. Reams was run to gather the following information:

  • Total Carbohydrates in the Urine
  • pH of the Urine & Saliva
  • Total Conductivity in the Urine
  • Total Cell Debris in the Urine
  • Total Undigested Proteins in the Urine

Along with the person's age, gender, height, weight, & race, the test results form an equation which in technical terms yield mineral deficiencies by showing electro - magnetic deviations from the best line of resistance found in the perfect equation:

1.5     6.4 / 6.4     6.5c     .04m     3 / 3

By comparing the actual test numbers with the perfect numbers above and using a system of biological calculus, the mineral deficiencies are found and rectified by changing the diet of the individual. Dr. Reams was known to say:

"Find out what’s missing, put it back in." ***

That's what was done then and that's what is done now. However, now there is no need to leave your home to be tested. You purchase your own testing equipment, choose the training package you feel fits your budget & how far you wish to go with the RBTI program, and I hold you by the hand as your lifetime RBTI Coach & Instructor. ** Bill Gates said:

"A computer in every home... "

I have started my RBTI Business / Ministry with a vision of RBTI Testing Equipment along with an RBTI Online Class Trained Tester in every home. Preventative healthcare is the focus of the 21st century. An emphasis on nutrition is becoming widespread. With RBTI, a mother and/or father can easily become trained to test themselves & their family members and to use the information to provide the nutritional needs each family member has and to make whatever changes needed in the diet to meet the requirements for optimum health at any age. Dr. Reams always said:

"Why Guess When You Can Be Sure!"

Why Indeed !!!

With RBTI Urine & Saliva testing, anyone is able to obtain absolutely accurate results that reveal what mineral deficiencies there are in his or her body chemistry and make the necessary changes to put back in what's missing. And with RBTI and the RBTI Online Class training and some personal coaching, all that's needed is a positive attitude, a desire to learn, & a willingness to apply the RBTI principles & specific recommendations needed in one's diet. To start learning immediately, please go to the RBTI LEARNING CENTER! Or, go to Step 2 below ....

Step 2:

Read my 'General RBTI Introduction' from the RBTI Online Class HERE! It's a bit long but it provides a lot of information in one read.

Step 3:

Watch a video on how to run one of the RBTI Urine & Saliva tests by going to my RBTI Youtube Channel HERE.

Step 4:

Request a sample lesson including video teaching by sending an email to: michael@olszta.comcastbiz.net.

Step 5:

After being satisfied with the content and teaching style of the unedited sample lesson, sign up for the services you desire:

  • RBTI Online Class Including Lifetime Coaching & Instruction & Updates ... Click HERE
  • RBTI Consulting / Coaching Services (Lifetime & By The Consult Options) ... Click HERE
  • RBTI Online Class Video Series w/ Full Complement of Documents ... Click HERE

* No Time To Die, Page 1

** Limited to the Purchaser of the Online RBTI Instruction

***Alphabetical Reference Manual, Page 76 under the MATHEMATIC entry

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