Number of Variables in RBTI Equation
1.5    6.4 / 6.4   6.5c   .04m   3 / 3

In the RBTI equation there are five patterns that are away from perfect. ... The Ranges are A, B, C, D, and E. ... In these five Ranges we have 2,600 differentials (i.e. we have 2600^2600 different variations within the equation).

To give a comparison of how great a number this is, here are some examples: 3^2 (3 to the 2nd power) means 3 times itself (3 x 3 = 9). 3^4 means 3 times itself 4 times (3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 81).

There are 80,000 standard drops of water in 4 liters (which is about one gallon) of water. That means there are about 23^23 standard drops of water in all of the oceans (i.e. 23 times itself 23 times).

Now the RBTI equation has 2600^2600 different variations. That means 2600 times itself 2600 times.

That number is more than there are grains of sand or drops of water in the oceans. Do you realize that we are unique individuals and yet God knows each one of us?

Carey A. Reams, Choose Life Or Death, Page 86

The actual number Dr. Reams speaks of above "85252029023907321955669690512800000000000000~~~"

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Again, Dr. Reams reminds us: Do you realize that we are unique individuals and yet God knows each one of us? Choose Life Or Death, Page 86.

It is within this incomprehensible number of variables where we find points of resistance against the flow of energy that lead to health problems. The points of resistance are caused by mineral deficiencies due to various reasons.

The skilled RBTI Consultant will provide the exact suggestions required for the body to be able to receive and metabolize these minerals. This will lead to improvements in a person's health that might be looked upon as miraculous.

This is because almost all forms of "healthcare" have emphasized treating the symptoms instead of simply providing the body with what it needs to have perfect health. RBTI focus is on life, not death.

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